Data security is important and everyone from small business owners, to bigger companies to costumers’ should be concerned and try to adhere security measures to protect their information.

Security measures will protect your computer’s data and your privacy.

The reason why is because in this software-centric world everyone may suffer a serious damage to their business or privacy if not using a well-protected software and secure their data.

No panic! There are key measures for protection.

According to the Chief of Security for ADP, Roland Cloutier, these are the multiple key measures everyone should be taking to protect their data and private information from being abused.

These are the basic security measures everyone should be using in order to protect their data

Use strong passwords

Implementing a strong password is the easiest way to provide a basic security for your data on your software. Always use a combination of capital, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers between 8 to 12 characters long, and never use just one same password. Create several passwords in your software and never save them in a document but write them down on paper.

Use a strong firewall

In order to properly protect your network and server, you must use a strong firewall, says Cloutier. A firewall will keep your network safe by controlling the internet traffic coming in and flowing out of your software. Any of the major brands will fit your needs, according to Cloutier’s experience.

Install antivirus program

Installing an antivirus program will protect your software and network from possible unwanted attacks and is one of the online security weapons used worldwide.

Upgrade your programs on time

Make sure the programs on your computer are updated on time because constantly updating your programs will keep your data safe, and fulfill the holes in your computer that programmers have already fixed by sending you an update.

Secure your computer, especially if you own a laptop

Laptops are easier to steal than a regular PC, so If you have a laptop with an important data information, make sure you keep your information safe by encrypting your laptop. Same goes for your mobile phone.

Backup on a daily basis

Schedule a regular backup in your software to an external drive or in a cloud and ensure that your information is stored properly and safely. Don’t allow yourself to use important data only because you forgot to make a regular backup.

Be careful with e-mails and surfing the Internet

Never open emails that seem suspicious to you and you don’t know their origin. Also, you need to be careful when downloading software or just clicking on links while surfing the Internet. Links are in fact the most common way for malware to end up in your computer and infect your software. As for the downloading, always download from official websites and never from suspicious ones.

Educate others on how to protect their computer and their data

Share what you’ve learned with others and help them protect their software and data before it’s too late. Educate your friends, family or share information on forums in order to help people without any experience in security measures in today’s software-centric world to protect their information.

Protect your privacy and information today!

Although almost everyone knows the basic security measures, not everyone uses them to protect their computer and data until someone teaches them a lesson. Don’t let fraudsters teach you a lesson. Learn it yourself and protect your privacy and information today!

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