Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, the list goes on. Every day more and more Social media platforms are created and evolve. We share personal information online with the world to see, all with often little regard to who has access to our private information. 

Now some people actually read into things before signing their lives away. These people will realise there are often privacy settings allowing you to hide sensitive information from prying eyes. But of course if someone creates a fake account and you accidentally add them to your group of friends then they too will see some of your hidden detailed info.

Protecting yourself online is much harder than in the real world. In the world where you can actually see and touch things you would simply call your local professional locksmith to ensure your home and possessions are fully secured. After a quick security inspection of your property they may identify security weak points that could be improved with new deadbolt latches, sliding door and window locks and even a CCTV security system. Online, however things become a little more tricky. And our social media accounts is where things get really messy..

You see if someone wanted to perform identity theft on you they could find a good amount of personal information from your social media account. Data such as date of birth, parents names, phone number, address, all the important stuff that thieves may use to setup accounts in your name or possible access your own bank account. This is where setting these details to hidden in privacy settings is essential. 

I mean unless you are known to be wealthy you probably won't become a target, however if you have your details easily accessible there is nothing to stop a bot from scouring the web and collecting these details to complete your profile. And if the scrapping bot provides another profile for a would be thief, guess what? They will most likely use it.

So take your online security to the next level by starting with the basics. Ensure your personal info is not widely available. Next protect your access. Simple passwords are out and make sure you don't have one password to rule them all. If someone gets this one master password your whole world could be turned upside down overnight. Keep track of all your passwords securely and also protect your devices from malware and viruses which may steal your login info. 


Playing it safe online is paramount for your security. Get smart with your security measures now and form solid processes that will protect your for life.

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