There are tons of protection software today but not all of them are as protective as they are said to be. In a world where cybercrime is on the rise, one needs to protect their identity and data whether it’s a business or an individual. Many people can attest that identity theft is a nightmare they do not want to ever experience.

Some of the Features to Consider in an Anti-Virus

This depends on the level of security that you want. All you need is to talk to the provider, know what is included and get the price. Some of the features that you can opt for include password managers, parental controls, VPNs, possibility to neutralize threats and firewalls among others. This is worth it when you have a lot to protect and when you want to be in control.

What should you protect?

Most people have the notion that they should only protect their computers! A hacker can get information from any internet enabled device whether it’s a tablet, a laptop, routers, iPads or even a smartphone among other devices. What this means is that it’s important that you protect all your internet enabled devices using the appropriate anti-virus.

How much do Protection Software Cost?

This depends on the provider and the features that the software has. You can actually find a package that is unbelievably affordable whether for individual use, for the entire family or for a business. Besides the cost, you can opt for the most suitable subscription option. They are offered according to the features included and the period of time that you can afford to pay.

What should be the Detection Rate?

A good anti-virus program should be “alert”. In case there is a threat such as a hacker has tried to extract your data, it should detect that before anything happens. This is actually what you need not a program that alerts you once the damage has been done. The detection rate should be more than 95 percent.

Protecting your identity and data are two most important things when using the internet. Cybercrime is a problem that needs to be fought left, right and center as it has seen many people lose tons of money and their identities. This gives you more reasons why you should buy a protection software that serves multiple devices for yourself and your business.

Data security is important and everyone from small business owners, to bigger companies to costumers’ should be concerned and try to adhere security measures to protect their information.

Security measures will protect your computer’s data and your privacy.

The reason why is because in this software-centric world everyone may suffer a serious damage to their business or privacy if not using a well-protected software and secure their data.

No panic! There are key measures for protection.

According to the Chief of Security for ADP, Roland Cloutier, these are the multiple key measures everyone should be taking to protect their data and private information from being abused.

These are the basic security measures everyone should be using in order to protect their data

Use strong passwords

Implementing a strong password is the easiest way to provide a basic security for your data on your software. Always use a combination of capital, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers between 8 to 12 characters long, and never use just one same password. Create several passwords in your software and never save them in a document but write them down on paper.

Use a strong firewall

In order to properly protect your network and server, you must use a strong firewall, says Cloutier. A firewall will keep your network safe by controlling the internet traffic coming in and flowing out of your software. Any of the major brands will fit your needs, according to Cloutier’s experience.

Install antivirus program

Installing an antivirus program will protect your software and network from possible unwanted attacks and is one of the online security weapons used worldwide.

Upgrade your programs on time

Make sure the programs on your computer are updated on time because constantly updating your programs will keep your data safe, and fulfill the holes in your computer that programmers have already fixed by sending you an update.

Secure your computer, especially if you own a laptop

Laptops are easier to steal than a regular PC, so If you have a laptop with an important data information, make sure you keep your information safe by encrypting your laptop. Same goes for your mobile phone.

Backup on a daily basis

Schedule a regular backup in your software to an external drive or in a cloud and ensure that your information is stored properly and safely. Don’t allow yourself to use important data only because you forgot to make a regular backup.

Be careful with e-mails and surfing the Internet

Never open emails that seem suspicious to you and you don’t know their origin. Also, you need to be careful when downloading software or just clicking on links while surfing the Internet. Links are in fact the most common way for malware to end up in your computer and infect your software. As for the downloading, always download from official websites and never from suspicious ones.

Educate others on how to protect their computer and their data

Share what you’ve learned with others and help them protect their software and data before it’s too late. Educate your friends, family or share information on forums in order to help people without any experience in security measures in today’s software-centric world to protect their information.

Protect your privacy and information today!

Although almost everyone knows the basic security measures, not everyone uses them to protect their computer and data until someone teaches them a lesson. Don’t let fraudsters teach you a lesson. Learn it yourself and protect your privacy and information today!

Cyber crime is constantly increasing and numerous smaller businesses are vulnerable due to ineffective digital security. In the past a business would call a locksmith for commercial security. Nowadays it's all about cyber security and different solutions are essential for all types of businesses, especially if you think about how crucial internet and digital systems are for your daily operations.

In the past few years, a lot of businesses suffered from cyber attacks and without realizing the importance of cyber security, most of them have suffered with decrease customer loyalty and theft of personal information. If you are running a business, whether it’s small or big, as long as you deal with online transactions, cyber security is important. Below are just some of the perks of cyber security for your business:

  • Protects Your Business

The main benefit of cyber security for your business is that it can offer you a comprehensive digital protection to your business. It will allow your workers to surf the internet whenever they need it and ensure that they are not at risk from possible threats.

  • Enables Employees to Work Safely

Without the finest cyber security systems for business, you and your workers are at risk constantly from a possible cyber attack. If your system or computers become infected, it can hamper their productivity and would force them to replace computers.

  • Protects Personal Information

Personal information is considered as the most valuable commodities in the digital age. If the virus can obtain personal information about your customers or employees, they’re quite capable of selling that information or even using this to steal their money.

  • Protects Productivity

Viruses may slow down personal computers to a crawl and make working on these practically impossible. It may cause lots of wasted time for your workers and may often bring your business to a standstill.

  • Stop Your Site from Going Down

As a business, chances are you are hosting your own website. Once your system becomes infected, there’s a real chance that your site will be forced to shut down. It means that not only you’ll be losing money from your missed transactions, but also you will lose customer trust and particular viruses may often do lasting damage to the system.

  • Denies Spyware

Spyware is a kind of cyber infection that’s designed to spy on your computer actions and relay the information back to cyber criminals. Good cyber security may prevent this spyware from taking effect and ensure that the actions of the employees remain confidential and private within your workplace.

  • Prevents Adware

Adware is a computer virus that fills your computer with ads and this is fairly common. Nevertheless, all of these adverts can have an impact on productivity and may often enable some viruses to enter your computer when you have accidentally clicked adware.

  • Provides Support to Your IT Expert

It could be unpleasant to hear, yet majority of cyber criminals will have more experience compared to your average employee in terms of digital crime. The finest IT security systems can give your team with the support and features that they need to fight against even the most determined criminals.


Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, the list goes on. Every day more and more Social media platforms are created and evolve. We share personal information online with the world to see, all with often little regard to who has access to our private information. 

Now some people actually read into things before signing their lives away. These people will realise there are often privacy settings allowing you to hide sensitive information from prying eyes. But of course if someone creates a fake account and you accidentally add them to your group of friends then they too will see some of your hidden detailed info.

Protecting yourself online is much harder than in the real world. In the world where you can actually see and touch things you would simply call your local professional locksmith to ensure your home and possessions are fully secured. After a quick security inspection of your property they may identify security weak points that could be improved with new deadbolt latches, sliding door and window locks and even a CCTV security system. Online, however things become a little more tricky. And our social media accounts is where things get really messy..

You see if someone wanted to perform identity theft on you they could find a good amount of personal information from your social media account. Data such as date of birth, parents names, phone number, address, all the important stuff that thieves may use to setup accounts in your name or possible access your own bank account. This is where setting these details to hidden in privacy settings is essential. 

I mean unless you are known to be wealthy you probably won't become a target, however if you have your details easily accessible there is nothing to stop a bot from scouring the web and collecting these details to complete your profile. And if the scrapping bot provides another profile for a would be thief, guess what? They will most likely use it.

So take your online security to the next level by starting with the basics. Ensure your personal info is not widely available. Next protect your access. Simple passwords are out and make sure you don't have one password to rule them all. If someone gets this one master password your whole world could be turned upside down overnight. Keep track of all your passwords securely and also protect your devices from malware and viruses which may steal your login info. 


Playing it safe online is paramount for your security. Get smart with your security measures now and form solid processes that will protect your for life.

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