In this fast-paced, competitive, tech-driven world a lot can change very quickly and consumers find themselves having to keep up with the latest updates. Updates and having the latest tech can be expensive. Software and applications require money to buy or have in-app purchases to unlock key features for you to use. Some of that is about to change, here are four free desktop software available on Windows, Mac, and Linux that perform great and can be alternatives for more expensive programs;


It is incredibly frustrating to see the popup window telling you your disk is full and you need to clean up and free disk space. A lot of us get into a frenzy thinking of all the important documents we cannot afford to lose and are unable to sort through the files to delete because we fear that we may end up deleting something important in the process. 

BleachBit is an easy solution offering disk cleaning, privacy managing, and optimization for your system. With this program, you can delete cookies, free cache, clear internet and temporary files all while cleaning applications like Chrome, Firefox, and Adobe Flash among others. It will give you a warning if you are about to do something detrimental which it reduces the fear of doing so permanent damage by deleting something you shouldn’t. It is also available for email servers and BlackBerry.


With the last stable release being in 2014, Banshee is an open source media player with features to help organize and import your music, videos, podcasts and audiobook library. You can also create playlists, rip audio CDs and listen to and organize internet radio stations of your choice. It has a similar look and feels to the Windows Media Player, whether that is a consoling factor or not depends on your personal preferences although it will not affect your user experience either way. 


Say hello to the latest privacy focused browser. It has built-in ad-blocker and search that delivers fast results and does not save private data. You will have the top news and your favorites on the home page. It allows you to add to your favorites. You also have the option to turn on anti-tracking, ad-blocker and anti-phishing features as well as your preferred HTTPS which can help improve your security levels by forcing encrypted connections. Cliqz is available on all systems except for Linux.


It is a free and open source media player software and can be used to view media directly from your computer or if you have a supported Smart TV or streaming device that also has Kodi installed. It allows your computer to become a media server and thus can stream your favorite movies, TV shows, music and other media. It also has several add-ons for videos and audios to stream internet content. It also has add-ons for skins so you can customize the look of your Kodi. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, and iOS.

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