Being able to access information on any device is something that is giving many businesses a competitive edge. Staffs do not have to access a desktop to get work done or get information. This is one reason desktop virtualization has become popular. So what is desktop virtualization? Just like the word virtual means, a physical machine is not needed to create a desktop environment.

A virtual desktop interface otherwise known as a virtual desktop infrastructure is used to create and implement it. A remote central server then hosts the virtual desktop making any data, applications and programs accessible on any internet enabled device.


Advantages of Desktop Virtualization

Managing work projects, data and programs has become easy since it can be done from anywhere. Businesses are cutting costs on operations and in turn employees are becoming more productive. Desktop virtualization has brought significant changes to many businesses.

  • A centralized management system is created which s<implifies management. This means that the programs, data and applications are accessible from a single template. Different users will be able to access the same information from different devices.
  • Its cost effective – Every business is looking for ways that they can run their businesses efficiently and cost-cutting is an option for many. One way desktop virtualization saves on cost is when it comes to upgrading software. This does not need to be done on all the devices but instead a script is run on the main server. By doing this, all other computers in this system are upgraded automatically.
  • It’s easy to work from anywhere – Desktop virtualization lets you work from anywhere. You can execute your duties from anywhere. Basically, you carry your workstation anywhere you want to.
  • Boosts the businesses’ security – Cyber security is a major issue in the advanced industry. Desktop virtualization has a remote central server that is easy to manage when it comes to security issues.
  • There is better disaster recovery management – From time to time, data is lost and systems crash. It’s stressful and data may never be recovered on local computers. Things are different with virtualization since it’s easy to detect issues and resolve them.
  • The software can be used simultaneously. There are multiple individuals who need to access the company’s information. Virtual desktops are versatile and multiple individuals are in a position to use a single desktop simultaneously.

Virtual desktops are crucial in businesses today. Their flexibility, convenience, security management and cost-effectiveness cannot be underestimated. It also helps your business in keeping tabs with IT developments.

In this fast-paced, competitive, tech-driven world a lot can change very quickly and consumers find themselves having to keep up with the latest updates. Updates and having the latest tech can be expensive. Software and applications require money to buy or have in-app purchases to unlock key features for you to use. Some of that is about to change, here are four free desktop software available on Windows, Mac, and Linux that perform great and can be alternatives for more expensive programs;


It is incredibly frustrating to see the popup window telling you your disk is full and you need to clean up and free disk space. A lot of us get into a frenzy thinking of all the important documents we cannot afford to lose and are unable to sort through the files to delete because we fear that we may end up deleting something important in the process. 

BleachBit is an easy solution offering disk cleaning, privacy managing, and optimization for your system. With this program, you can delete cookies, free cache, clear internet and temporary files all while cleaning applications like Chrome, Firefox, and Adobe Flash among others. It will give you a warning if you are about to do something detrimental which it reduces the fear of doing so permanent damage by deleting something you shouldn’t. It is also available for email servers and BlackBerry.


With the last stable release being in 2014, Banshee is an open source media player with features to help organize and import your music, videos, podcasts and audiobook library. You can also create playlists, rip audio CDs and listen to and organize internet radio stations of your choice. It has a similar look and feels to the Windows Media Player, whether that is a consoling factor or not depends on your personal preferences although it will not affect your user experience either way. 


Say hello to the latest privacy focused browser. It has built-in ad-blocker and search that delivers fast results and does not save private data. You will have the top news and your favorites on the home page. It allows you to add to your favorites. You also have the option to turn on anti-tracking, ad-blocker and anti-phishing features as well as your preferred HTTPS which can help improve your security levels by forcing encrypted connections. Cliqz is available on all systems except for Linux.


It is a free and open source media player software and can be used to view media directly from your computer or if you have a supported Smart TV or streaming device that also has Kodi installed. It allows your computer to become a media server and thus can stream your favorite movies, TV shows, music and other media. It also has several add-ons for videos and audios to stream internet content. It also has add-ons for skins so you can customize the look of your Kodi. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, and iOS.

When you first load up your PC your desktop wallpaper is the first thing you and anyone around you will see. It goes without saying that you should always set your PC up with a fully Sick wallpaper. 

But where do you go to find awesome graphics? Well a simple search in Google will return a few options. When I did I found an article on Life Hacker of the 5 best wallpaper sites. Life Hacker always produce some pretty good content so I have no trouble recommending them.

However maybe you want an even easier process to follow than reading... Boring! Yeah I know right! Well here you go my my friend. Watch and learn!

Note: This video starts out a bit lame and they guys voice is a little hard to hear. But the site and process he shows is worth recommending. Cheers! 

If your like me you love keeping up to date with the latest tech and gadgets. So I downloaded Windows 10 when I could and after all it was FREE. so why the hell not!

However once I did I found myself wanting to change the look and feel of the Start Menu and Start Screen right away. I played around for hours to get it just the way I want it, which is simple unbelievable. 

So it you too have downloaded the latest and greatest version of Windows only to find it looking standard and average. It's time to tweak the shniz out of it! 

Watch this short video to gain full control over your Windows 10 start menu and start screen and gain back your customized control. Enjoy!

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